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The Extra Wing is designed to allow users of MagicQ to extend the number of physical playbacks available to them. The MagicQ Extra Wing is similar in size to the MagicQ PC Wing and fits inside the standard PC Wing bag.  It has a total of 24 playbacks, split into 2 sections - one section with 12 faders and one section with 12 Execute buttons.

Each section has separate Next and Previous page buttons.  The 12 playbacks with faders are very similar to the lower part of the original MagicQ Playback Wing, with Flash, Go and

Select buttons, together with an LCD display for legending.  The 12 playbacks with Execute buttons consist of 12 Select and Execute buttons, and an LCD display for legending.

The Extra Wing can be used on its own or together with a MagicQ Mini, PC, or Maxi Wing. It has an internal USB hub so that when used with a PC Wing it only requires one USB socket on the PC. The MagicQ PC Extra Wing can also be used with MagicQ Consoles.

On the rear panel there is a power connector (same as MagicQ PC Maxi Wing), a USB socket for connection to the main MagicQ system, dual USB expansion sockets and a console lamp socket.

The MagicQ PC software is the same software that MagicQ consoles run - enabling familiar and flexible GUI lighting control, media server connectivity options and in-built media server for LED grid arrays.

Extra Wing

LCD Displays: 4

Faders: 12

Flash Buttons: 24

Playback Buttons: 40

Dimmable LED Console Lamp: 1

Choice of Colours: Blue

Universal Power Supply: 100 to 240 VAC

Width: 522 mm

Depth: 245mm

Height: 58mm

Weight: 4kg