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The MagicQ Owner‘s Group
ChamSys MagicQ Hire

Run MagicQ on your computer, program your show

And then use a real control surface to run it.

Got MagicQ? Hire a wing ...

The popularity and power of the MagicQ software puts incredible programming power at your fingertips, and many users are connecting their own computers to their equipment using the very modest price DMX interfaces available from Chamsys.  more details here

As MagicQ is free software, it is an excellent software platform for users at all levels. Programming skills can be developed on your own computer and complex shows developed. The disadvantages of using a mouse to control lighting are solved by the varied range of hardware wings that interface with the software and can be hired through us, from a source local to you.  

MagicQ PC Wing

8 Encoders, 12 Faders

2 Direct DMX Outputs

Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

MagicQ Maxi Wing

8 Encoders, 13 Faders

4 Direct DMX Outputs

Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

MagicQ Extra Wing

12 Playback Faders

12 Playback Execute Buttons

MagicQ MQ100 Console

10 Full Playbacks

4 Direct DMX Outputs

Complete Console Solution

MagicQ Console Wings

24 Playback Faders

24 Flash, Go/Back , Select Buttons

Full Electronic Legending

MagicQ Mini Wing

10 Playback Faders & Buttons

Direct DMX Output